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Day #3: The art of article marketing


You may write hundred's of article but you won't be able to generate a single penny from your article unless someone reads it. To earn money from your article you need get views for them. If you have a name in the internet then you can easily get views for your article as people will wait for your articles. Once you have posted article and informed your readers about it and you will get the views for your article. However, things are a lot different for a newbie. He has to market his article to all potential readers. It is this marketing which gets him the views for the article.

Article Marketing is a difficult task as it is very time consuming. Moreover, it may not lead you to expected result. Article Marketing needs to be done in the right amount. If you do it in excess you may be thought of as a spammer and be banned from sites. Hence the question arises how to start?

Here is the list of some websites which beginners should use for marketing articles.

Facebook: You need to get a separate account of Facebook which you should use for promoting your articles. Create an account and start adding friends whom you think are having similar interest like you. Also start joining groups which relates to field in which you write in. Create a buzz and reputation on these groups for yourself so that your promotion articles are not considered as spam. This can be a good traffic puller for you. For joining facebook click here

Digg: This is best social bookmarking site. This site can bring you a lot of traffic in terms of views, after that it is your content which should be able to hold the reader. Join this site and start adding friends. Trying digging good content you read and digg your friends content. This will attract him to your article and he will also dig your article. The more your article is digged the more this article will attract readers to your website. If it makes to the highest digged you will find enormous traffic as it will encourage people to read your content. To join digg click here.

This is part one of the series on article marketing and promoting. Try promoting your article and enjoy loads of traffic.

If you have more and better ways of getting traffic share as it will help others as well.

Entrecard: 10 credits in 5 seconds list #2


Hi every thank you for the great response to my first list. I think you might be earning 10 credits in 5 minutes. Here goes my second list. Use it to drop and earn more credits.

Check the next post to get 10 more credits.
In this list I have included Suzzane, Ron who were the only two to leave their ID in comments. I have included my top two droppers in this list. The first is “Rambling Thoughts in SMK Serian” and second is “60 Were Enough”. I request my other to please leave their ID (numerical or digits which is visible in your address bar when you login). No commented on my other blogs so the spot of top commenter is still empty. Be the first to fill the vacant seat. These drops will increase your popularity in the Entrecard Community.

Day #2 Triond: Write more and earn more

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Triond is another site which shares with you the revenue earned from your article. This is site pays members based on the views earned by it. This site is for beginners and the pay is comparatively lower than others. If you are an experienced writer, you may think Triond as a waste of time. However, if you are newbie to the world of content writing, than this site is a good place for you to start. This site offers a lot of resources which you might get on Google. I like the complete compilation at a single place. Since you are just starting content writing read the resources provided and simultaneously start writing. Once you have published your article it takes approximately 12-24 hours for your article to get approved by Triond team. The Triond team reviews your article to maintain quality on their website. You are not allowed to post personal links. Hence you cannot use this site to promote your blog or for doing affiliate marketing. This is one feature which makes Triond a very informative site with no promotional misguidance to the reader.

I think if you are looking for a long term income Triond may turn out to be a good pick. You get paid every time someone clicks to read your content. However, I did not used for a long time as I saw drops in my views after some time and hence my earnings dropped as well. I use this site to learn content writing and see what sells in the market. I wrote articles and studied the trend in the market and then based on this I wrote articles which helped me gain readers. The payout of Triond is very low ($0.5) and hence can achieved easily. Another thing which I like about them is great support. Once I had difficulty in deleting in one of my articles and I posted it in their help section and my query was answered within minutes. Good work Triond team. I would recommend this site to anyone who is starting content writing.

In the next article, I will post about marketing your article to the readers. This will help you earn the viewers for your article.

In order to read money making on Bukisa click here.

If you want to know more about this site please ask, I would like to share with you. This course is my learning from my mistakes and is for free as I want to learn with you. Tell me what you think about this article.

Day #4 Article marketing part 2: Use Twitter


Last time we discussed that how Facebook and Digg(click here) can be used to get traffic to your article. Digg can fetch thousands of visitors if your submitted article makes to the front page of it. Else, even your meaningful comments to the article which make to the front page can fetch you good traffic. However, you may want to know more ways of getting traffic to your article.

In the following part we will discuss about other website which can bring you traffic.

Twitter: This micro blogging platform can bring you tons of loyal readers. I have seen writer posting their URL on twitter after writing article and getting thousands of visitors. How attractive you write in the 140 character limit of twitter will decide the number of visitors you will receive. If your article is good, people will retweet your article which means they submit your tweets in their tweets again. Wow more traffic. However, it is not that easy as it may look. We need to discuss twitter in detail. We will first understand how twitter works?

Twitter gives each user a space of 140 characters to write in one go (which are called tweets). In Twitter we have something called followers, anyone who like your tweets will follow you. Who is a follower? Follower is someone you can see all you tweets and you can see tweets of people you follow. Initially, follow people hoping that they may be followed. Before following anyone, see its follower to following ratio. If this ratio is high it means that he/she is a known face on twitter and not likely to follow you. Try to find people with fewer followers and start following them. You can unfollow those who don't follow you back. This can be done by using a service called twitter karma. This site will unfollow all those who didn't follow you back.

How to get traffic from twitter?

Don't expect that posting about your articles will gain you readers. It will never happen, contribute to community before expecting results. What I mean is you should post interesting blogs and article you have read. Once you have reputation of an informative tweeter, people will wait for your tweets. Hence reputation formation is an important step in gaining readers.

Click here to create an account on twitter.

Rest you can use your innovation on twitter.

Tell me you felt about his post.

Qnaads: Get paid Question Answers Ads

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I thought that you might have just started writing on bukisa, I should tell you about an interesting opportunity that I came across. Did you know that there are companies which pay you to answer questions? Yes, they exist you can make good money from these site. On these sites like Chacha and kgb, user ask sms question which you can answer on SMS using their facilities. However, these sites accept members from US. I have using a site call Qnaads which pays you based on per as you answer. This is very interesting and each question will have different amount to be paid. This site accepts members from both US and India.

This site in very beginning stage and looks promising. I can't assure you, that you will see results within days or weeks. However, there are a lot of advantages of joining such sites at an early stage as you once this site start to pick up you can refer a lot of members and earn money from them. Since this site is just building up their referral system is not up yet. However, think by the time Qnaads referral system is up and you would have received your first few payments which can easily get you a lot of referrals.

The payout of this site is $10 and use paypal as the mode of payment. So hurry up and join.

If you have websites that pays for answering or similar work do leave as a comment so that others can learn from it.


Enjoy reading.